CLOSING SALE - Take 40% off existing prices, for savings up to 90%!!! CLOSING SALE - Take 40% off existing prices, for savings up to 90%!!!
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Woohoo! Bitte is finally open! After many months of building and buying, creating and curating, we’ve finally “arrived”. We really feel that we’ve created a unique new online shopping experience for parents. Every item was chosen with a focus on sustainable practices and modern design.

After the birth of my daughter I found myself dissatisfied with many of the available choices while shopping for her. There seemed to be an abundance of cheap, loud and plastic toys and clothes to choose from. I didn’t just want items that she would use briefly and quickly end up in a landfill, I wanted items that stood the test of time, had a classic yet modern aesthetic, and were produced sustainably from the finest materials. I like the idea of buying less but buying well. I would search online for small makers and artisans but as a new mom time is a precious commodity and I wanted a one-stop shop that carried all these brands in one place - a trusted place I knew I could go to and feel good about my purchases. Thus Bitte was born. Inspired by my daughter and the world I hope to create for her.

Lucky for me I have entrepreneurship in my blood. My own mom created Magic Cabin, a specialty toy company with similar values. She spent nearly two decades designing and curating all natural toys before selling that business and moving on to new projects. Newly inspired by her granddaughter she was excited to join me in this new venture. Melding our unique talents and enthusiasm we set out to create Bitte.

We have partnered with many of our favorite brands who encompass the Bitte ideals. Like Bajo, Little Miss Workbench, Jess Brown, Polka Dot Club, Tiny Cottons and Petit Collage to name just a few. We get especially excited when we find these items close to home, and overjoyed to note that nearly 50% of our offerings are US-made.

In addition to providing helpful gift guides we will be sharing top bloggers favorite items, starting with Ashley Muir Bruhn of Hither and Thither and Erin Hiemstra from Apartment 34. These stylish moms have hand picked their favorite Bitte items. And every month we will be adding a new blogger’s picks.

Since our makers are such an important part of who we are we will be sharing their stories on our blog so you can learn even more about where the items you bought are coming from. The blog will also be chock full of fun kid-centric DIY’s, recipes and behind the scenes interviews with our blogger mom’s.

We’re so excited to be sharing Bitte with you - enjoy!!

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