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Parenting Resources We Love

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Sometimes while on this parenting journey, we need advice or even just a little reassurance that we’re on the right path! And there’s so much information out there, it’s hard to know where to look for it.

Read on for a healthy mix of podcasts, books, apps and websites that we recommend- for both answers and a little comic relief.

Podcasts: Listening to these parenting-themed podcasts, you may feel like you’re falling into a conversation with an old friend, which can be especially comforting if you find yourself spending most of your day conversing with toddlers. Whether you listen to unwind during your baby’s naptime or press play while you’re waiting in the carpool line, you’ll surely find encouragement, compassion, advice and more.

parenting resources - podcasts

Coffee + Crumbs  |  The Mom Hour  |  The Longest Shortest Time

Books: Although parenting how-tos and what-to-expect manuals can be helpful for those who are expecting, here are some alternative reads that you may find insightful.

parenting resources - books

Chasing Slow |  The Magic of Motherhood  | The Anthropology of Childhood

Apps: Since your phone is most likely always within reach here are some of our favorite parenting apps, including a user-friendly photo-log to keep family members up-to-date from afar, a baby development tracker and a white-noise maker to keep your infant snoozing.

Parenting Resources - Apps

Tiny Beans  |  Wonder Weeks  |  Sound Sleeper

Websites: Once you are with-child, well-meaning family members will buy you parenting books that they say, “you must read,” but now in the digital world there are a plethora of answers for all baby-related questions at your fingertips via the internet. While books do have their place within parenting (see above suggestions) when your child has a rash and you need answers right away, Google will be your go-to. Throw in an online registry and your favorite online retail shop for the Parenting 2.0 trifecta.

parenting resources - websites

Janet Lansbury Facebook Page  |  Mother Mag  |  BabyList

For the Littles: Last but not least, a few of our favorite items for keeping the little one's entertained, because sometimes that is the most important parenting resource of all, right?!

parenting resources - toys

Lovie Bunny  |  Tegu Magnetic Building Blocks  |  The 50 States

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