Baby Number 2!

Surprise! I'm pregnant! I was going to do something cute to make the announcement, like have a picture of Ingrid wearing a “big sister” tee or something. But unfortunately, I’m so sick I can barely get out of bed to go to the bathroom most days. I have Hyperemesis Gravidarum, like I did when I was pregnant with Ingrid. I like to call it the princess Kate disease, since nobody (other than those unfortunate enough to have the disease) had really heard much about it until Kate Middleton had it for all of her pregnancies. It’s also sometimes called extreme morning sickness. And it’s grossly extreme...

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Mother & Child Autumn Photoshoot

Fall photoshoot with Naturally Ella and Alicia Lund
Just as we watch Summer turn to Fall and Fall turn to Winter, there are seasons of motherhood and they pass by right before our very eyes. We get the unbelievable honor of watching our children learn and grow with the passing seasons, and as they change, so too does our role as their mother. We recently gathered some friends together with their little ones for a Bitte photoshoot to celebrate this special bond between mother and child. It only felt natural to get outside to enjoy what that this season has to offer: sweater weather and golden sunlight.

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Curried Coconut Leek Soup

nyssa's kitchen - curried coconut leek soup

Have you felt it? I happened to notice it last week here in the PNW. It was right around the time that we got our first rain in months - all those rain dances finally paying off, finally quelling some of the raging fires that have taken over the end of our summer. With the rain the sun suddenly seemed to be setting earlier, there was that distinct crisp chill in the morning air that is best paired with a warm cup of coffee, I began the quest to find the perfect pair of slippers, and I made my first batch of soup. Autumn has arrived my friends, and while it’s always a little sad to say goodbye to the sweet sunny days of summer, this season always ushers in such a feeling of comfort and familiarity...

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