Tastemaker Talks: Ilana Griffo

Ilano Griffo

Meet Ilano Griffo. She’s a woman after our own heart, because just like the women behind Bitte, she’s a mother and a small business owner. During her days, she mothers a sweet little boy, writes, illustrates and is an all-around creative mom-boss. She’s a reminder to us that as women, we don’t have to choose one path to serve our souls...In Ilano’s own words, “both of them can fill your cup up in different ways.”

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Maker Story: Avarcas USA

If you’re in the know, then you know that Avarcas are some of the most popular shoes around-- and for good reason! They’re stylish (some of our favorite bloggers are wearing them), they’re comfy (have you tried a pair? You’ll never want to take them off) and they stand the test of time (it’s true). We actually loved them so much that we decided to start offering them for kids in our shop.


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Jean & June Giveaway and Q&A

We’re all about organic products here at Bitte, and brands get bonus points in our book if they’re made here in the U.S.A. Jean & June is a brand that falls under both of those categories. Plus, they’re sweet, cheeky, minimalist and comfy.

We’re hosting a giveaway with @jeanandjune over on Instagram, but before you head that way, read our interview with their founder, Blake Alfstad.

Jean and June Giveaway

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