My World My Words
My World My Words My World My Words

It's a first picture book perfect for toddlers, and the perfect gift for that stylish baby shower! 

Toddler-aged Bobby's breakfast-to-bedtime story provides words for things, actions, and feelings younger children know about, but may not be able to name—from meals to playtime to a final reassuring goodnight kiss. Printed cloth tabs signal the start of each section—and add special value and gift-appeal. Charming, smart, and un-lessony, this is a great mix of classic board book style combined with keen insight into what resonates with toddlers. Retro-chic illustrations and design make this WORLD a great addition to homes, nursery, and preschool bookshelves. See also Day and Night First Words and One Thousand Things.

  • Ages: 1 to 4 yrs
  • Materials: Board Book
  • Author: Marie Fordacq
  • Illustrator: Peggy Nille
  • Dimensions: 6.5in x 1in x 7in
  • Origin: French Author/Illustrator; Printed in China
  • ISBN: 979-1-0276-0138-7

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