Bannor Toys puts a modern spin on the vintage art of wooden toys. Handmade one at a time, organic, and safe for your little ones; their wooden toys will become heirlooms to pass down the generations. Jesse started out in their small basement workshop building toys for the kids in Stacey's in-home daycare.  They were both discouraged with all the plastic and cheaply made toys breaking or the kids becoming bored with them shortly after buying them. When they first launched on Etsy in 2011 little did they know that they would both be able to leave their full-time jobs to work at their own business, their dream job of making beautiful all-natural toys for kids. All of their products are made in the USA, even the small parts, paints, and packaging! None of their woods are stained - just organic wood, organic paints and finishes. Every toy exceeds all US safety standards and their craftsmanship is so impressive that they guarantee every product forever, FOREVER!