Premium Wooden Toys 

Candylab has a clear and enthusiastic mission: to make the absolute best wooden toy vehicles on the market. They're gearheads, designers, engineers, parents, and have all banded together to become toymakers, with an unflinching commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

They are centered around a few core principles: the extensive use of natural materials, unique craftsmanship, and steadfast adherence to principles of mid-century modern design - that great design should be attainable, and not reserved to luxury status. Throw in some deep love for vintage automotive design, and the Candylab DNA was born, loved by children and collectors alike.

Less Plastic, More Bio-degrading

Mass-produced plastic as a material is barely older than a century, yet humanity managed to drown an entire planet with it in a geological blink of an eye. And we have centuries left to live with the amounts we produced so far, with no sign of slowing down.

The only possible response to that is to make LESS PLASTIC. We at Candylab have built our business model around products that do not harm our environment and we have long ago decided to use biodegradable and renewable materials whenever possible and as much as possible, until truly biodegradable polymers are widely available for consumer goods.

Keeping Our End of the Deal

Even if you've known us for a short while, you know that woodworking is part of our DNA, from a general appreciation and respect of the medium, all the way to inventing new ways to carve it into unexpected shapes.

While avoiding plastic should be an end in itself, we simply love woodworking and wouldn't work in any other material. And to perfect our toys, we've been pushing since day one to turn our craft into ever more unexpected, novel and sophisticated designs that can compete on merit and affordability with larger brands and their mass-produced plastic output.

A Green Future

Products that are made from stuff that grows, matures, spends some time as a toy, and returns back to mother Earth, without sickening anyone during its life cycle. Wood, soy inks, water-based paints, degradable rubber, and metal parts are all part of our old school way pf making toys, with a modern design twist. We avoid plastic packaging like the plague that it is and continuously look for ways to make our supply chain more efficient.

Lastly, the beech we use in making our toys comes from North American, well-managed forests where we can trace its path to our woodworking shop.