Faber-Castell is the premier pencil maker on the planet, and rightly so since they’ve been making pencils since 1761!!  Even Vincent Van Gogh was a fan and regaled them to his fellow artists! Faber-Castell has spent generations perfecting the humble pencil and adopting progressive social and environmental practices decades before it was in vogue to be “green”, so it’s no wonder their writing and drawing tools are impeccably designed and produced.

Starting with the wood, their pencils are all made from 100% re-forested wood and they’re repeatedly held up as the gold standard by the international Forest Stewardship Council as a leader in responsible wood production. They own their own forests and replant millions of trees each year.

Then there are their pigments - these are non-toxic, meeting all international standards for safety, and are rich and vibrant and contain no wax. Wax is a common binder in color pencil leads (including the top artist-quality adult brands!?), but wax-based pencils create a “bloom” or waxy build-up that can leave a cloudy white residue on your artwork!? Faber-Castell’s wax-free pigments deliver smooth vibrant color with no bloom.

And the list goes on...these exceptional “leads” are then glued the full length of the barrel in a patented process that is designed to reduce breakage and make the pencils last longer. Their barrels are ergonomically designed  for comfort and to reduce arm fatigue. And because they are the largest pencil producer in the world, they can deliver all this goodness for a reasonable price!

And this is just the scoop on their core product, the pencil, but they are also masters of other art materials and known for their impressive social impact, providing a living wage and excellent working conditions to their employees and partners in 23 countries. Often times it is assumed that the big corporations are not as responsible or attuned as the mom & pop shops, but Faber-Castell is an honest example of good practices despite their age and size.