Eight years ago, Portland-based founder Lili, gave birth to her 5-pound baby-girl, Iliana. Lili struggled to find clothes for tiny baby that were doing the job right. Mitts that were supposed to help prevent scratches, and socks intended for warmth, were falling off. Pajamas that they lived in all day long were riding up at the wrong time and made nighttime diaper changes even more ungodly at 2am.

Frustrated with the cheap, ordinary and ill-fitting, she realized that beautiful, functional and thoughtful newborn products, that were also good for our planet, were missing in the market.

Named after and inspired by the small and scarlet-colored Goumi berry, and its unique ability to impact the ecosystem around it, her first collection was designed to be beautiful, functional, and sustainable and serve the smallest babies with intentionality. 

Goumikids has come a long way since that first collection! They’re proud to have helped over a million moms feel strength when they return home from the hospital for the first time. We all can feel small and mighty, with the right support.