Koalav is Simple Clothing for Mini People.

Koalav is an earth-conscious brand presenting timeless, all-season, sustainable clothing, designed and produced in Turkey. They are reflecting comfort and quality, derived and inspired from their own experiences with their kids, in hopes of helping them feel secure, comfortable, and confident in their daily routines - while also caring for their health, and their future on a healthier planet.

All Koalav products are manufactured with GOTS and Eeko-Tex certified fabrics and factories, with clean and conscientious working conditions that have undergone a thorough quality control process. The fabrics' softness and endurance, and the well-proportioned designs in each detail, this is their signature in all of their products.

Their motivation to create comes from nature, simplicity and from those who love a casual comfy lifestyle - like those who would always love to wear, choose to wear, Koalav.