Lewis Co-Founders, Liz Libré + Lizzy Ott met in high school, went to the same small college in Maine, both landed in New York City after graduating, and both went to work in creative fields. After spending a few years figuring out the right fit, Liz began her successful paper line Linda & Harriett, and Lizzy went off to RISD for a Master’s in Interior Architecture.

Years later, as designers and new moms, Liz + Lizzy found themselves looking for something that wasn't out there: nursery essentials that are childlike, without being childish. As an illustrator and interior architect respectively, they set out to make their own organic cotton crib sheets, with prints that are loose and playful, like the things in nature that serve as their inspiration. Crib sheets quickly expanded into nursery + children’s essentials that feature prints that are mature and interesting for a parent, yet playful enough for a child.

With five children between them, Liz + Lizzy have had plenty of testing ground for the types of products they find essential. They are both particularly drawn to things that are minimalist, practical and beautiful, so they thrive on taking conventional products and adding visual interest. Both families love to travel and be outdoors as much as possible—where they tap into their two greatest sources of visual inspiration—their children and the natural world.

Lewis sources the softest materials and uses 100% organic cotton whenever possible.