After a lifetime on bicycles, CEO Chad Kushner and Founder Adam McDermott are still in awe of the small miracle of physics that enables you to balance on two wheels and silently zip along.

Founded in Venice, California in 2007, they see bicycles as a practical solution to some big problems. They improve our health and wellbeing, reduce carbon emissions, and make our communities and neighborhoods more livable and more connected.

To realize this dream they designed a bike for everyday use.

Designed for purpose. Their bikes are built to replace small car trips, that means they are ridden everyday and often carry additional weight like groceries or kids.

As a result they prioritize comfort and durability, selecting materials and parts that can stand up to constant use. If they use a car analogy, everyone appreciates the high performance sports car- but it’s not the car you drive every day. The sports cars sits in the garage most days, while the sedan is driven daily. That’s Linus, the bike you ride everyday.

They’ve grown from that Venice Beach bungalow into an international brand, but they maintain the same core mission: to create elegant, quality, functional bikes and accessories that inspire people to ride more and drive less.

The majority of car trips are five miles or less. A full 6% are 1 mile or less! If we could replace these car trips with bike rides it would make a massive impact to our environment, not to mention our well being and quality of life.

Since their founding they've put over 100,000 bikes on the road. That’s a lot of smiles and a lot of carbon saved from the atmosphere.