Loulou LOLLIPOP is a Canadian company founded in 2015 by twin sisters Eleanor and Angel. They like to think of their silicone teethers as chewable "candy," hence the name LOLLIPOP. More importantly, though, They are a family business committed to making babies and parents happy. They hope their goods will help you dream big, have fun, and share many sweet and cherished adventures.

They live for the extra special in both design and function. They're constantly experimenting with fun, innovative ways to make their goods refreshingly new as they stand the test of time. All of their products, from silicone teethers to muslin blankets, are ASTM, CPSC and CPSIA compliant to meet local and international safety standards. And, because accessibility is key, they make sure they're of the most stellar quality at the fairest prices. 

Babies are curious; their adventure begins the moment they are born. Yours should, too, so Eleanor and Angel explore the world with a fun-loving, open heart and mind to draw inspiration from different media, culture, and nature to create their designs.

They believe that during the early days of newborn-hood—with all its challenges and charms—it's an especially important time for you to feel connected to your personal sense of style. By combining a timeless, feel-good aesthetic, memorable pops of color, and an uncompromising commitment to the safest, highest quality materials, LouLou LOLLIPOP is redefining baby goods.