Milkbarn is a one-word poem that evokes the essence of who they are. Their roots are in dairy country, the rolling hills north of San Francisco. They’re nostalgic yet modern, country yet urban, rustic yet clean, cool and timeless. They love seeing the world through a child’s eyes. They are inspired by children’s imaginations, their senses and their wonder – running, romping, daydreaming, gazing at the clouds. That’s what Milkbarn is all about.

Stacy Phillips founded Milkbarn in 2006 when she began sewing bibs for her seven month old son. What started as Stacy working at her kitchen table has evolved into a business that distributes all over the world. Stacy now lives in Franklin, Tennessee with her husband and three children.

Haley is Stacy’s nineteen year old daughter and is an amazing artist. There is magic in a mother-daughter collaboration. Together they work to incorporate Haley’s drawings into Milkbarn’s textile designs.