Pink Chicken New York was born at the beach...and the spirit of a sunny day is in everything they design. Stacey Fraser created Pink Chicken in Amagansett, New York, at the far reaches of Long Island. Taking a break from corporate life and finding her footing as a new mother, Stacey used her daughter's nap time to sew clothes from the fabrics she'd collected over the years. There were baskets of pattern on pattern - bright block prints, Indian cottons, American vintage, all of them so perfectly mismatched. She whipped up little sundresses for her daughters, tunics for herself, simple dressing for each. These were clothes that went from beach to barbecue, park to play date; with a day-into-dinner kind of ease, they solved practically every get-dress dilemma. Clothes to create in, clothes to explore in. Her motto: no fuss, always stylish...a happy kind of perfection.