The story of PlanToys began in 1981, with a sustainable mindset, looking at ways to preserve our world and to make the world a better place. For nearly 40 years it has been their mission to create a sustainable world of children’s toys. The story of PlanToys is defined by what they call their Sustainable Way, the three pillars of how they do business: Sustainable Mind, Sustainable Material, Sustainable Manufacturing. Being mindful of people, planet, and profit, they truly believe the outcome is “Better Kids, Better World”.

PlanToys was the first company in the world to manufacture toys from rubberwood. And remarkably they never cut down a single tree for production! The rubberwood tree has been prized for its latex for centuries. The tree is “tapped” for its latex milk which is then turned into rubber products. Its relatively easy to cultivate and “milk”, but the trees only produce for several years before they are burned down to be replaced by new trees. This is where PlanToys comes in, they salvage these trees that are normally scheduled to be burned. And now they are also making items from the latex rubber as well. A whopping 73% of the natural resources they use are from within a 30 km radius around their factory, located in the Southern Province of Trang, Thailand, further reducing their carbon footprint.

Additionally, all materials used, from the product itself to the packaging, are safe and sustainable. They use organic pigments, water-based dyes, and non-formaldehyde glues, while using eco-fibre paper and soy ink for printed materials.

PlanToy manufactures its toys with love through eco-friendly processes at every single stage of production. Their sustainable manufacturing is focused on reducing environmental impacts while meeting, and often exceeding, safety standards set globally. 

In 1997, they discovered a more environmentally-friendly method to maintain wood quality. They use chemical-free and kiln-dried processes to gradually eliminate moisture content from rubberwood, making it durable in different conditions. The process helps reduce weevil problems since there is a high carbohydrate content in rubberwood.

PlanToys was the first manufacturer to use E-zero certified material such as plywood and E0 glue instead of traditional toxic wood glue to prevent children from coming into contact with toxic chemicals. A key to this success derives from the cooperation between PlanToys and Kasetsart University and the National Science and Technology Development Agency

As leading innovators, they are always researching new ways to improve their processes for energy efficiency and to develop the safest processes that cause minimal or no effects to their staff, consumers, the environment, and the world. They promote equivalent opportunities for employment and welfare to people, including those with disabilities. And a part of their profits are used for corporate social responsibility activities they hold domestically and internationally. 

With clean modern designs, sustainable materials and practices, and developmentally engaging toys, it’s no wonder that PlanToys is a globally recognized leader in sustainable business practices and award-winning design.


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