Poppik is a new creative activity called "sticker art", that is to say the art of creating with stickers. A Poppik is a poster or card to make with tens, hundreds or even thousands of stickers! Like a mosaic, following a numbered code, you stick stickers of different colors on the locations so as to gradually reconstruct a giant and colorful image. The process is very simple, the result amazing!

Poppik was created in 2016 by Parisiennes, Delphine Badreddine and Françoise Baglin. Both came from the world of youth publishing, and they had the idea of ​​using educational content on a new medium of posters and stickers.

The original idea was to offer kits containing hundreds of stickers, so that the activity lasts a long time. The goal was to keep the kids at home with great activities that introduce them to a wide variety of graphic styles. Poppik wants to cultivate the bond families create with the pleasure of being together, cooperating, laughing and playing. 

Poppik products develop cognitive capacities: fine motor skills, pattern recognition, concentration. They favor calm over agitation and decrease screen time, while inspiring artistic sensitivity. Each of them is thought to guarantee a nourishing moment of concentration, autonomy, self-confidence and joy.

Each Poppik experience can be carried out alone or independently or with others by cooperating.

Each Poppik experience is thought with heart as a structuring artistic or educational project, which feeds the child's sensitivity to learning and aesthetics.

Each Poppik experience is concocted with love and passion by a team of childhood enthusiasts, attentive to today's parents.