The Minimalist Baby Book was designed and developed by Christina Ketmayura with the support of her husband Dan. They believe that thoughtful design creates opportunity. In a world of noise and clutter, their brand seeks to simplify in order to make space for the things in life that truly matter. Tokki company was born out of a small dream, to live a life that is simple, yet intentional. 
As the mother of two, Christina became extremely interested in living minimally after her first child. The house always felt cluttered and she would constantly purge the house, tired of the loud, colorful baby toys that added unwarranted noise into her home. This mindset ultimately inspired her first product, the minimalist baby record book. 
They are a small shop working out of their home. They have always wanted to pursue their passion of owning their own business. They will continue to work hard to expand their portfolio of beautifully designed, minimal goods created with you in mind.