1-2-3 Sip! Bamboo Sippy Cup Set
1-2-3 Sip! Bamboo Sippy Cup Set 1-2-3 Sip! Bamboo Sippy Cup Set 1-2-3 Sip! Bamboo Sippy Cup Set
$ 15.00

The 1-2-3 Sip! is the only true training cup which helps a child advance all the way from a straw to mastering a real cup. Children practice all the complex movements in steps without opening the valve all the way – it’s like drinking with training wheels. At first a child can sip from the silicone straw, which is soft and feels good against gums and teeth, then move on to practice tilting and drinking from the Lid + Spout and finally master a real cup on their own, without the lid.

It’s a complete and smart system for little self-feeders to grow with that reduces the need for endless specialized and short lived products. The most durable and natural bamboo dishware on the market, it is sustainably produced from vegetable-based food-grade poly-free bamboo and silicone.

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  • Ages: 3m to 5y
  • Materials: 40% Bamboo fiber, 40% Vegetable Starch, 20% Emulsion; Silicone straw
  • Care: Dishwasher safe for daily use and up to 284 F/140 C
  • Dimensions: Cup w/ lid is 3.5in tall x 3in diameter; straw is 5.5in long
  • Origin: Taiwan
  • Safety: SGS and FDA approved; 100% non-toxic, poly-free, all natural

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